Haploscope liberates oncologists to be oncologists

by removing barriers to delivering cancer care

Distance and demographics no longer stand in the way of delivering quality cancer care. By increasing access to cancer care, we build a deeper understanding of the barriers that prevent early detection among remote and rural populations. We want to help cancer centers and oncologists deliver personalized treatment through tele-medicine, intelligent data, insights and safer, faster access to care.

Care providers who benefit from Haploscope

  • Oncology Practices
  • Non-MD Oncology Practitioners
  • Oncology Ancillary Care Teams
  • Oncology Rehab Therapists
  • Oncology Pharmacists
  • Comprehensive Cancer Centers
  • Clinical Trial Companies
  • Licensed Oncology Therapists
  • Oncology Dieticians

A comprehensive Tele-oncology platform helping deliver value based cancer care

A comprehensive
Tele-oncology platform helping
deliver value based cancer care

A comprehensive
Tele-oncology platform helping deliver value based cancer care

A versatile, scalable & SMART Tele-oncology platform with bundled cancer related-tele applications in a singular platform

From solo oncology practitioners to extensive cancer systems are able to launch Haploscope services through mobile apps, tablets, and computers

Cancer center Administrators efficiently manage multiple locations, while patients manage appointments with various cancer treatment centers under one mobile platform

We provide an infrastructure to sustain the complex patient load and manage symptoms

Easy Patient Onboarding

Quickly onboard patients, create schedules, invite caregivers, track call notes, and manage PROs

HIPAA Compliant On-Demand Secure Video Calls

Schedule video calls and engage patients and their caregivers with one tap from your phone, tablet, or desktop. Track call history for comprehensive care assessment while on the go

Realtime patient communication with symptoms tracking

Send in-app messages, push notifications, and respond to patient queries from any device

Interactive and easy back-end administrative controls

Clinic administrators and oncologists get back-end cloud based interface to manage all user and patient accounts, appointment schedules, conference activities, and communications.

Oncologists have real time messaging capabilities from laptop/desktop to the patient’s mobile app - fully platformagnostic.

Are you a solo practioner or a cancer clinic?

Our enterprise solution is designed with the patients and oncologists in mind. Simple to use and designed to integrate with HIT systems for seamless user adoption while launching virtual care right from your EHR or existing solutions with FHIR HL7

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Our Story

Cancer does not affect all people equally. As most oncologists are in big cities, the relative scarcity of oncologists in rural areas results in the rural population not receiving preventive screenings or care from experts, especially Women in rural areas. Also, the projected shortage of oncologists by 2050 will only increase cancer incidence, morbidity, and mortality.


In 2020, we embarked on our journey to build the world’s first comprehensive tele-oncology platform to increase access to quality care by innovating cancer care delivery. At Haploscope, our purpose is to improve patients’ lives every year, including those in underserved communities, by helping close disparity to reduce and ultimately eliminate differences in cancer incidence, morbidity, and mortality.

Haploscope is addressing a massive cancer care access disparity


People live in
counties in the uS
without an Oncologist


out of pocket paid by 15 million uS Cancer patients in 2019


more oncologists in urban areas compared to rural areas


Of patients depleted all of their life assets 2 years following diagnosis

More than 73,000 African Americans died of cancer in the United States in 2019; African Americans have the highest death rate and shortest survival of any racial and ethnic group in the U.S. for most cancers.

Identifying cancer health disparities helps communities at the highest risk find the best ways to reduce cancer risk and improve preventive care and treatment access.

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Our Long Term Promise

We are a mission driven company

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We will bring seamless access to cancer centers through Tele oncology to fill the current gap in delivery care to oncology patients

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We will make cancer care accessible to underserved communities, improving the lives of anyone who doesn’t have access to it

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We will increase patients’ access to knowledge through immediate access to a rich network of experienced oncologists and Oncology providers, all sharing details of available treatments or clinical trial through our Cancer community